Vermont Farming and Foodways – Teaching with Primary Sources PD Registration Open

Apr 13, 2022

Vermont Farming and Foodways is a free workshop that introduces educators to the use of oral history and ethnographic materials in K-12 learning. It will happen in-person in St. Albans, Vermont. This new project offers primary source sets and learning activities for middle and high school learners that explores the role that farmers play in Vermont’s history and identity.

The Vermont Folklife Center’s Archive is home to a wide range of perspectives and testimonies that showcase the human side of agriculture and the ways families, communities and the state have adapted over time. Learners will have the opportunity to hear these stories as oral history recordings and discover how these primary sources offer a window into experiences often hidden from the public. Participants will be introduced to curated primary source sets and application strategies and activities for middle and high school learners, including how to bring in digital resources from the Library of Congress.

Teaching with Primary Sources: Vermont Farming and Foodways (in-person in St. Albans, VT) – July 21 and 22, 2022

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