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Learning at home? This page is designed to highlight activities and ideas for learning very locally–in our own homes and neighborhoods. New activities are being added often. We will announce when new entries are added on Facebook. Follow us there for updates! Share your favorite Learning Locally activities with us there.

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Activities and Lesson Plans

This activity uses a primary set source from the Library of Congress to model how documentation of the Covid-19 pandemic can amplify students’ voices. (A Journal of Folklore and Education resource.)
How would you feel if someone (outside your identity group) used your identity design references in a clothing line? What might change how you feel about this use?
What can art objects from distant times and places express about the identity of the people and the cultures depicted in them?
Photographs, like identity, hold multiple truths and illusions. Teaching visual literacy creates nuanced readings of meaning for, and about, the photographer, the subject, and the consumer. (A Journal of Folklore and Education resource.)
This activity offers a creative way to interact with favorite folk songs. Follow these directions to tap into familiar folk songs and give them your own, unique spin by remixing them!
An historic folksong collection with local relevance to students gives them creative voice and connects them to place through an immersive, cooperative project. (A Journal of Folklore and Education resource.)
How is the weaving and wearing of lau hala papale (hats) connected to Hawai’ian history, identity, natural resources, and culture?