Culture, Community, and the Classroom: Cultural Inquiry Through Interviewing

Folk artists are often invited into a classroom to demonstrate their art form and sometimes have the opportunity to teach students artistic skills. Less often they are given an opportunity to speak with students about the value of the art form in their personal life and community context. This lesson plan, created for three short artist residencies over the course of a semester, provided the space for student inquiry that allowed them to connect with the artist on a personal level and learn more about their cultural traditions.
Interview question sheet, co-created in class

A Culture, Community, and the Classroom Lesson by teacher Jennifer Nelson.

TITLE: Cultural Inquiry Through Interviewing

Jennifer Nelson is School Director and Middle School Lead Teacher at Primrose Hill School in Rhinebeck, NY.

ARTIST COLLABORATORS: Several folk artists over the semester

LENGTH: Two class periods of 40-60 minutes

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