Local Learning Welcomes Intern Eleanor Miller

Jun 11, 2018

Eleanor MillerLocal Learning Has a New Intern!

My name is Eleanor Miller, and I am excited to be interning for Local Learning this summer! Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, I am currently pursuing my MA in Folk Studies at Western Kentucky University (WKU). With a track in Historic Preservation, I also have a passion for sharing the unique and important worldview of folklore with K-16 students. Beginning with my time working as a camp counselor at a YMCA summer camp, I have been interested in providing out-of-school educational opportunities to students. Now, as the graduate assistant in the education department at the Kentucky Museum on WKU’s campus, I have been able to expand on that interest by leading tours and programs based on museum exhibits.

With a unique opportunity this summer to work for both Local Learning and an archiving project in Bardstown, Kentucky, I have become interested in how historical materials can engage young people. This combination of experiences inspires me to consider the importance to students of understanding the diverse histories of their local communities. I hope to think more deeply about the possibilities for educational outreach that would promote that understanding throughout my time with Local Learning this summer as well as in my classes next school year.

During my internship, I will be updating Local Learning’s national and regional resources, creating social media content, and assisting with the publication of JFE Vol. 5. In updating our resources, I have already had the chance to speak with some of the important people in organizations that work to provide cultural education resources to students and educators across the country, and I hope to be in touch with many more throughout this process. I am thankful for this opportunity to learn and grow with the organization this summer, and I am looking forward to it!