Journal of Folklore and Education “Newcomers and Belonging” now available

Sep 7, 2017

Local Learning announces the publication of Volume 4 of the Journal of Folklore and Education, a special issue that highlights how educators in K-12, college, museum, and community settings are working positively and successfully with refugees and immigrants across the United States.

Download features by and about new Americans and programs developed with and for new Americans, teachers, and students.

Read about classroom projects and educational programs that demonstrate how educators use the tools of folklore and education to pursue academic and personal growth for students of all ages and backgrounds.

“At a time of heated rhetoric and both heinous and heroic acts surrounding the topics of immigration, inclusion, and diversity, this theme has taken on even deeper meaning than when we chose it months ago. Our aim has been to shine a light on what “belonging” means, not only on refugees and immigrants. Everyone has been and will be a newcomer throughout our lives, whether through a job change or moving in the middle of a school year, emigration or being expelled from a homeland. Everyone wants a sense of belonging, and at the same time “belonging” connotes a privilege that may often operate invisibly in our classrooms and communities.” (Read more…)

~Lisa Rathje and Paddy Bowman, editors