CCC Binghamton 2023

Feb 16, 2023

Culture, Community, and the Classroom

Wednesday and Thursday, July 12-13, 8:30am-3pm

BOCES Glenwood Rd. Campus, Binghamton NY


Local Learning’s 6th annual New York Culture, Community, and the Classroom workshop explores culturally responsive, engaged learning through local traditional arts. It introduces concepts of cultural identity and opportunities to practice ethnographic research skills such as interviewing, note taking, and sketching. The workshop offers educators a widening perspective of their own cultural identity and models for their students to explore their cultural identity authentically. How does one’s knowledge of their cultural identity influence their learning?

The 2-day workshop (July 12-13) will include 12 CTLE hours of learning with instructors. All educators are welcome to register until space is filled. Additionally, 8 educators will have the opportunity to host a traditional artist for 2 days in your school or online in the fall of 2023 at no cost to you (indicate your interest when you sign up). Participating mini-residency artists represent local traditions of the region.

“Before this workshop I thought it was very helpful for students to share objects and topics that are important to them but now I think and realize how integral and critical it is for students to be able to share this in order to become invested in the classroom and larger communities.”

– 2022 Teacher Evaluation

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Teachers seeking CTLE hours: Please also register through Frontline here.