AFS Folklore and Education Track

Sep 27, 2017

Use this page to create your personal education track through the AFS meeting in Buffalo Oct 17-20.

See also the webpage for our Buffalo Professional Development series for artists and educators that will culminate at the 2018 Buffalo AFS meeting on October 20, 2018.

Local Learning Sponsored Events

Friday happy hour 5:30-7 in the Hyatt bar. Come celebrate the publication of the 2018 Journal of Folklore and Education “Common Ground.” Meet many of the authors and the JFE publication committee.

Saturday Workshop from 9:00-noon, room 109. In August 2018, folk artists and teachers from Western New York participated in an intensive two-day Local Learning professional development workshop. Then, 7 educators and artists from this workshop were paired in order to bring the skills and lessons learned into two-day mini-residency fall classroom visits. Come to this dynamic session to learn from these local artists and the teachers who hosted them about what worked with their students, and help problem solve what did not. Discover more about the radically inclusive models of folklore in education, and take advantage of peer networking activities planned.

Other Education Track Sessions and Events


1-4 PM
Professional Development Workshop: Experiments in Exhibition Workshop
In-reach: New Directions in Museum-Community Partnerships. Sponsored by the Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University and the Folklore and Museums Section. Wednesday, 1:00–4:00 pm, Room 108



8-10 AM

01-13               Education and Folklore
Chair: Linda Deafenbaugh (Folk Arts-Cultural Treasures School)

Widening Worldview: Applying Folklore’s Arcane Theory to Invite Honest Conversations about Diversity and Conflict in the Community College Classroom
Sara Jane Bell (Vance-Granville Community College)

Teaching Essential Life Skills through Folklore
Sean Galvin (LaGuardia Community College)

“If You Can Read This, Thank a Media-Savvy Teacher”: Internet Memes and Pop Culture in Signs from the 2018 West Virginia Teachers’ Strike
Rosemary V. Hathaway (West Virginia University)

Designing Folk Arts Education Units: Considerations to Increase the Impact on K-12 Learners
Linda Deafenbaugh (Folk Arts-Cultural Treasures School)

10:15 AM-12:15 PM

02-13   No Illusions: Inclusive Curriculum Development and When the Perfect Plan Goes Wrong
Sponsored by: Folklore and Education Section
Chair: Rebecca W. Smith (Western Kentucky University)

Lacey Cornell (Kids Cook!)
Timothy H. Evans (Western Kentucky University)
Nicholas Hartmann (National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library)
Virginia Siegel (Kentucky Folklife Program)

2-4 PM

03-14   Common Ground: Community-Based Teaching, Learning, and Environmental Stewardship in Museums, Arts and Cultural Centers, Schools, and Universities
Sponsored by: Folklore and Education Section
Folklore and Museums Section
Local Planning Committee

Chair: Christine F. Zinni (State University of New York, Brockport)
Co-Chair: Lisa Rathje (Local Learning)
Amelia Blake (Explore & More Children’s Museum)
Jill F. Clause (Tuscarora Nation)
Samantha Jacobs (Seneca Nation, Cattaraugus Reservation)
Allan Jamieson (Neto Hatinawkwe Ongwehowe)
Peter G. Jemison (Ganondagan State Historic Site)
Peter B. Jones (Cattaraugus Reservation)
Chandra F. Maracle (Six Nations Grand River Territory, Canada)
Michael Martin (Native American Community Center)
Katherine Murano (Rochester Museum of Science Center)
Hill W. Rick (Six Nations Grand River Territory, Canada)
Agnes Williams (Indigenous Women’s Initiative)



8–10:00 am   

04-01   Community Curations for Social Change
Sponsored by: Folklore and Education Section
Folklore and Museums Section
Cultural Diversity Committee

Chair: Suzanne Seriff (The University of Texas, Austin)

Gabrielle Berlinger (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Diana N’Diaye (Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage)
Vanessa Navarro (HistoryMiami Museum)
Amy Skillman (Goucher College)


04-08   Perspectives on Family Narratives
Chair: Lynne Hamer (University of Toledo)

Goodbye Harlan: Migration Among Appalachia’s African American Mining Families
Jessica Cushenberry (Utah State University)

Family Humor across Generations: Alternative Mechanisms of Inclusion and Exclusion
Anastasiya Fiadotava (University of Tartu)

“When We Come Up”: Narratives of African American Families During the Great Migration to Canton, Ohio
John F. Moe (The Ohio State University)

Korean Tales in the Age of Multiculturalism
Charles La Shure (Seoul National University)

Family Stories and Social Justice Education: A Case Study of Three Generations of Anglo Family Stories and Whiteness
Lynne Hamer (University of Toledo)

10:15 AM-12:15 PM

05-08   Creativity and Sustainability in Children’s Folklore
Subvertisement in Children’s Lore
Greg Kelley (University of Guelph-Humber)

“School for Life”: Folk Schools, Cultural Sustainability, and Children’s Programming
Anna C. Rue (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Toy Story: Intersections between Material Culture and Narrative in Children’s Folklore
Jennifer Schacker (University of Guelph)

Propaganda and Propagation: The Education of Children in South Louisiana through Their Own Schoolyard Play
Jeanne Soileau (retired)


05-14   Teaching Chinese Folklore in the Classroom and Beyond
Sponsored by: Transnational Asia/Pacific Section
Chair: Ziying You (The College of Wooster)

The Universality of Master Tropes: Interpreting Vernacular Literature from Southwest China for a Global Audience
Wenyuan Shao (The Ohio State University)

Poetic Moon: Integrating the Celebrations of Lantern Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival with Poetry in the Classroom
Lingyan Ke (John Carroll University)

Evolving Traditions: Teaching “Traditional Performance in China: Past and Present” at Dartmouth College
Levi Gibbs (Dartmouth College)

Creating a Diverse Community in the Classroom and Beyond: Teaching “Myths, Legends, and Beliefs in China” at The College of Wooster
Ziying You (The College of Wooster)

2-4 PM

06-10   Whisperings: Learning to Hear Cultural Secrets
Chair: Amy Shuman (The Ohio State University)
Co-Chair: Ana Cara (Oberlin College)

Tango Whisperings While Embraced in Dance
Ana Cara (Oberlin College)

Sensibility and Rule-Breaking in Israeli-Palestinian Shared Community Education Programmes
Simon Lichman (Centre for Creativity in Education and Cultural Heritage)

Learning in Secret and Secretly Teaching
Amanda Dargan (City Lore)

Traces of Tacit Knowledge: The Artistry of Italian Marble Workers
Amy Shuman (The Ohio State University)


06-09   Including Folklore: Teaching Folklore outside of the Discipline
Chair: Spencer L. Green (Penn State Harrisburg)

Brant Ellsworth (Central Pennsylvania College)
Mira Johnson (Bronx Community College)
Jared S. Rife (Central Pennsylvania College)

06-15   Opening Doors, Opening Dialogues: Sharing Cultural Knowledge and Memories from Homelands
Sponsored by: Folklore and Museums Section
Chair: Betty J. Belanus (Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage)
Co-Chair: Hanna Griff Sleven (St. John’s University and the New School)

Alton Aimable (Tropical Fete)
Ashley Minner (Maryland Traditions)
Martha Norkunas (Middle Tennessee State University)
Quinlan Odom (Middle Tennessee State University)
Sarah Williams (Middle Tennessee State University)
Lynn Williamson (Connecticut Historical Society)


8:30 am-Noon

07-14   Culture, Community, and Classroom
Sponsored by: Folklore and Education Section

This session will start coffee at 8:30, with the workshop running from 9:00 am until 12:00 noon.

Chair: Lisa Rathje (Local Learning)
Co-Chair: Paddy Bowman (Local Learning)

Amanda Dargan (City Lore)
Ellen McHale (New York Folklore Society)


12:45-1:45 Folklore and Education Section Business Meeting


2-4 PM

09-03   School’s In for Summer!: Reflections on Field School Teaching and Learning
Sponsored by: Archives and Libraries Section
Public Programs Section

Chair: Andrea Graham (University of Wyoming)

Lisa Gabbert (Utah State University)
Makaela Kroin (Washington State Parks)
Guha Shankar (American Folklife Center)
Randy Williams (Utah State University)


09-09   Re-Visioning Museums
Chair: Maureen K. Porter (University of Pittsburgh)

Nondichao Bachalou: The Interesting Professional Life of a Museum Guide and Traditional Historian of Abomey, Benin: Parallels and Intersections
Clover Jebsen Afokpa (University of Maryland, University College)

Hands to Work, Hearts to God: Shaker Narratives at Sabbathday Lake and Pleasant Hill Shaker Villages
Emily Bianchi (Virginia Polytechnic University)

Conservation and Change at the Marshfield School of Weaving
Mathilde Frances Lind (Indiana University)

Taking Things Seriously: “Living” Objects in Museum Collections
Felicia Katz-Harris (Museum of International Folk Art)

European Folklife Museums: Postcolonial Encounters with the Cultural Other
Maureen K. Porter (University of Pittsburgh)


09-14   On Being a Folklorist **
Chair: Mark Y. Miyake (Fairhaven College, Western Washington University)

The Desperate Tale of an Unemployed, Dropout, Folklorist Wannabe: Unexpected “Outcomes” in a Multicultural Elementary School Classroom Far Far Away
Sandi Bartlett Atwood (Cardston Elementary School)

White Eyes, Black Voices: Lawrence Gellert, John Lomax, and African American Folksongs
Jerry M. Hirsch (Truman State University)

The British Folklorists at Fifty
Jonathan Roper (University of Tartu)

Intentional Accidental Folklorists: Folklore as Methodology and Purpose in Higher Education
Mark Y. Miyake (Fairhaven College, Western Washington University)