AFS Recap

In "Stealing Ideas" Betty Belanus summarizes the rich education sessions at the 2014 American Folklore Society meeting Fe. Read about intersections of folklore and museum education, service learning, and Simon Lichman's stirring plenary,
“Prayer Carpets and Apricot Stones: How Folklore Is Used in ‘Coexistence’ Education between Israeli and Palestinian Communities and Its Potential Application to Other Multi-Cultural Settings and Conflict Situations.”

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Folk Arts Integration Handbook

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Welcome to Local Learning

We prepare young people, their teachers, and their families to discover, research, and draw on traditional culture and local knowledge to enrich education and create stronger communities. Local Learning advocates for the full inclusion of folk and traditional arts and artists in the nation's education.

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Local Learning Seasonal Round Lesson  

Universal yet unique to each community, family, and individual, folk arts and folklore provide inherently interdisciplinary opportunities to investigate local learning in deeply meaningful ways that connect generations, regions of the nation and the world, and diverse ways of knowing. Use the Seasonal Round as an introduction to folk arts and folklore for any age group.


Through the Schoolhouse Door: Folklore, Community, Curriculum, Paddy Bowman and Lynne Hamer, eds., 2011, order from Utah State University Press.

SchoolhouseCover-400.jpgWinner of the 2012 Dorothy Howard Prize, this collection offers experiences from exemplary school programs and analysis of an expert group of folklorists and educators dedicated not only to getting students out the door and into their communities to learn about the folk culture all around them but also to honoring the culture teachers and students bring in to the classroom. Digital edition now available.